Scarlet Pimpernel


Love Lies Bleeding
Terminal Velocity
Joan of Arc
David Nykl

Film and Television

Fringe (dir C. Russell)

Voodoo (dir M. Ratzlaff)

Human Target (dir. S. Boyum)

Resistance (dir. N. Fearnley)

The Seamstress (dir. J. J. Miller)

Helen (dir. S. Nettelbeck)

Stargate : Atlantis [series regular] Dr. Zelenka (SciFi)

Eureka (SciFi)

Beast of Bottomless Lake (Independent Film)

Psych! (Shawn vs the Red Phantom)

Masters of Horror (Tales from the Witch House)

Behind the Camera: Mork & Mindy (NBC) John Byner

Pterodactyl (North American Pict.)

Jake 2.0 Middleman (UPN)

Dead Zone (series)

Stealing Sinatra (MOW)

Fire Mountain (BBC)

Seven Days (Paramount/UPN)

Cold Squad recurring(CTV)

Joan of Arc mini-series (CBS)

Scarlet Pimpernel (BBC)

Young Persons Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (WB)

Spare Change (Feature)

Hidden in Silence (Lifetime)

Hotel (Bravo)

Crackerjack II (Feature)

Operation Noah (RTL)

Hell Mountain (Feature)

Jack London's Call of the Wild (Discovery)

Terminal Velocity (Feature)

Snow White: A Tale of Terror (Feature)

The Barber of Siberia (Feature)

Prague Duet (Feature)

Sacred Cargo (Feature)

David (Feature)

Danger Bay (CBC)

Act of War (Feature)

Suburban Cops (CT1)

Stunden der Angst (RTL)

Five Prague Tales (Feature)

Poisoned Beer (Feature)

David (CBC)

Touched (CBC)


David Nykl
David Nykl

David Nykl Stargate Atlantis

David Nykl as Dr Zelenka
Jake 2.0 "The Middleman"
Stargate Atlantis,
David Nykl
David Nykl Jake 2.0
David Nykl beast of bottomless lake
David Nykl masters of horror
David Nykl Spare Change
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